Hi, my name is pat.

My actual name is Pasquale Piamonza. My friends call me "Pat". You can call me "Pat" too. Maybe we can be friends. I don't have any friends, so therefore, nobody actually calls me "Pat". Will you be my friend. I am a very nice person. In the past, I have occasionally hit people. I only hit people when provoked. A friend wouldn't provoke me. So, be my friend, call me "Pat". I guess, since we're friends, that I can tell you a secret. One time, I hit someone who WAS a friend. It was totally an accident. We were clowning around, and you know how these things happen. One thing led to another, and I hit him. But this was the ONLY time that I ever hit a friend. I've had otherACCIDENTS with friends, but I only hit a friend once.

These are my boys

There's Vinnie on the left, Bennie in the middle and of course, Sammie on the right. This photo was taken before Sammie's "ACCIDENT". Some folks blame me for the "accident" but they are wrong. Well, I guess I am to blame for the "accident" but that's what is was, AN ACCIDENT. I didn't mean to hit him. I never hit family members, or friends. OTHER FAMILY SHOTS

I have been unable to keep a wife very long. Sadly for me, while some of my wives left me, many of them died. I don't know why. See some of the loves of my life and read about them here

Coming Soon

I'll tell you why I love Frank!