Page Category Crappy Description Video?
1 Food Forrelli Cheddar Cheeze Spread  
2 Food Forrelli Cereal 6 Pack  
3 Food El Jibarito Pigeon Peas  
5 Toy Air Glide Soccer Yes
6 Toy Slime Egg Yes
7 Toy Fun with Bugs! Fly Launcher Yes
8 Crap Decorative Clown  
9 Crap Accent Rocks  
10 Crap Dinosaur.... Thing  
11 Crap Drain Strainers  
12 Crap Plastic Champagne Flutes  
13 Food Tony Chachere's Dirty Rice  
14 Toy Grow 'Ems Credit Card Yes
15 Toy Strong Man Game Yes
16 Food POUND cake - undercover Yes
17 Crap Eggplant Baby  
18 Crap Poster Paint Set Yes
19 Toy Winnie the Pooh Wall Tumbler Yes
20 Food Honey Flavored Syrup  
21 Crap Bag  
22 Toy OOPS! Fake Toothpaste Spill  
23 Toy Child's Flask  
24 Toy Noah's Ark Playset  
25 Food Belly Flops  
26 Food Delphia Trail Mix Yes
27 Crap Fancy "Couple" Figurine