January 24, 2010

Belly Flops

This is pretty cool. Instead of Jelly Belly throwing away their mistakes (or "garbage"), they package them as Belly Flops - Irregular Jelly Beans. I can deal with that, and to tell the truth, if these were sold in a regular store, or in a candy store, at a much lower price than regular Jelly Bellys, I would probably give them a try.

And, I'm not saying that they are NOT sold in normal stores... they most likely are. But, I've only seen these in one store, and it was a Dollar Store.

Also interesting (or "scary") is that these "don't quite meet all of our demanding standards for...

  • SIZE.... ok, I can deal with that
  • COLOR... ok, I can deal with that
  • SHAPE... ok, I can deal with that
  • FLAVOR... ok, I can.... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Excuse me? The flavor is OFF?

As you can see, the majority of the pieces look normal. So obviously, it must just be the TASTE that's wrong.

For the most part, the irregularity is the pieces that mate with each other. This is how new Jelly Bellys come into the world I suppose.

In case you're wondering. I didn't taste any of these. Because, once again, I NEVER (knowingly) EAT ANYTHING FROM A DOLLAR STORE.