June 23, 2009

Forrelli Cheddar Cheeze Spread

Although it clearly states that this product is "Made w/ Real Cheese", you can't help but notice that a "Z" replaces the normal "S" in the word Cheese. Surprisingly, there was no expiration date, at least not that I could find. There was a numeric code on the side that was probably a date code, but honestly, I had to throw away this container shortly after taking the photos.

Before opening, from the side you can clearly see some nice white streaking going on. YUMMY!

Dumping it out on a plate, you can't help but catch the appetizing smell of plastic. It reminded me of the old days when I used to put together model cars and figures (maybe the smell reminds me of glue?). Also, please note the pleasant shine.

Finally, it hits it's visual loveliness after spreading it a bit with a fork (a plastic fork that I promptly tossed). OK, I admit that you are instructed to "Heat 'N Serve", so it possibly looks nicer after melting down a bit.

As a reminder, I don't eat ANYTHING that comes out of a Dollar Store, but even if I did, I would not be eating this.

Interesting label note: ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains Milk, Soy. Manufactured in a facility that processes Milk and Soy. DUH!