Weird and wacky, different and disgusting, unappetizing and unusual, damaged and defective. Yes, these are just a few of the adjective pairs used to describe the items that are available at your neighborhood dollar store. You know these places... Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Everything's a Dollar... well, that's true... Everything's a Dollar AND EVERYTHING's CRAP.

Welcome to Dollar Store Crap, my little blog about what makes these stores and their products so SPECIAL. I've broken my item reviews into 3 categories..

CRAP... which covers everything not covered in the next two categories.

TOYS... fun AND dangerous!

FOOD... I was originally going to call this blog Dollar Store Food and dedicate my reviews to the lovely selection of "edibles" available at your local Dollar Store. But shortly into it, I realized that I can't really do Dollar Store food justice as I will NEVER (knowingly) eat anything from a Dollar Store,,,,,oh, no, no... I do not believe in eating anything that comes out of a dollar store. And I'm not just referring to those no-name brands that you'll never find in a normal U.S. supermarket... no, I won't even touch a bag of dollar store M&M's. Just gives me the Heeby-Jeebies. Where has this stuff been sitting? Why is it not sold in a "normal store"? How long ago was it packaged? How did it find its way to your local dollar store? Sometimes, I'm not ever sure what the crap is.



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