Crumb's art shows up in various medium, book illustration, album covers, etc. But what he is most widely know for, and the way I was introduced to his work a million years ago, is comics...Underground Comix to be exact...Zap comix among them, plus all of Crumbs numerous titles...Hup, Bijou, Big Ass and many, many more. Here is just a small sample of covers and moments from some of those books.

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A Couple of Odd 6 Panel Strips - Best Buy Comics
Cover of XYZ Comics
Cover of Creem Magazine #2
The cover of Zap #0
Zap #1 cover
"Mr. Sketchum is at it again"
"Stoned Again", my one time
favorite t-shirt
"Help Build a Better America"
Big Ass Comics #1
Back cover of Big Ass #1
Tommy Toilet
Head Comix, this is the Crumb style I love!
The Complete Crumb Anthology Covers
4 Panel strip entitled "Stoned", requested by a Museum visitor. Hey, I aim to please!