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The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book. A beautiful collection of Crumb's best work.
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Waiting For Food, Number 2. Placemat Drawings. Order Today

Waiting For Food, Number 3. More Placemat Drawings. See Promo Page. Order Today

Gotta Have 'Em: Portraits of Women. For the first time ever, his drawings of women are collected in one brilliantly offensive yet hilariously poignant volume, in chronological order, spanning the 38 years since his pen-and-ink beginnings.Order Today

Carload of Comics. An excellent overview of his work. "It's the Creme de la Crumb!" Order Today

My Troubles with Women. Crumb tells us the role that women play in society and his personal life. Yeah, right. Order Today

What can I say? It's a book all about Mr. Natural. Order Today

R. Crumb started his career in greeting cards, but few have seen examples of his earliest work. Forty years of his commercial and otherwise unpublished output is collected in Odds & Ends, a lovely companion piece to his better-known work in Zap Comics, Weirdo, and the rest. Including advertisements and announcements done for friends and family, magazine illustrations, and some surprisingly sensitive portraits, the book is essential for those who want to see how the man's work evolved in private, parallel to his published work. Odds & Ends shows Crumb at his silly, geeky best. Order Today

The Death of Fritz the Cat. One of Crumbs oldest and most beloved characters, Crumb decided to kill him off after he became too "big". Order Today

The Life and Times of R. Crumb: Comments from Contemporaries. A collection of memoirs and tributes attesting Crumb's importance and influence. With an into by Matt Groening of Simpsons Fame. Order Today

This is a MUST SEE MOVIE. Four stars (my humble opinion). Crumb's artistic and weird, huh? Wait 'til you meet the rest of his family. Great artwork, great music, A GREAT DOCUMENTARY!!!
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And if you like the movie, check out this book. Works by members of the Crumb family, including Roberts brothers, wife and children. Order Today

Complete Crumb Vol. 5: Happy Hippy Comix. Lot's of early Mr. Natural. Also Angelfood McSpade and the original, rarely seen alternative cover to "Cheap Thrills". Order Today

Complete Crumb Vol. 6: On the Crest of a Wave. Includes the infamous "Joe Blow" comic highlighted in the "Crumb" movie. Order Today

Complete Crumb Vol. 7: Hot 'N Heavy. Mr. Natural #1, plus album covers and American Greetings Cards. Order Today

Complete Crumb Vol. 12: We're Livin' in the Lap of Luxury. Another excellent collection of autobiographical comics. Order Today

Complete Crumb Vol. 9: R. Crumb vs. The Sisterhood. 'nuff said. Order Today

Complete Crumb Vol. 10: Crumb Advocates Violent Overthrow. Hmmmmm? Order Today

Complete Crumb Vol. 4: Mr. Sixties Order Today

This is a fantastic introduction to the writing of Franz Kafka. It's listed here because it's beautifully illustrated by R. Crumb. Order Today

Dirty Laundry Comics, the collaboration between Crumb and his wife, Aline Kominsky. Order Today

The Little Blues Book. Learn more than anyone would ever need about the blues in this wonderful book illustrated by Crumb. Order Today

An excellent companion to The Little Blues Book. Order Today

More books by R. Crumb...

Complete Crumb #13: Season of the Snoid

The Story O' My Life People... Ya Gotta Love 'Em I'm Grateful! I'm Grateful?
That's the title... but it is a SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION!!

Complete Crumb Comics: Mr. Natural Committed to a Mental Institution

R. Crumb Draws the Blues

R. Crumb's America

Crumb-Ology: The Works of R. Crumb, 1981 - 1994

Complete Crumb Comics: Season of the Snoid

Waiting For Food : Restaurant Placemat Drawings

Eat It: A Cookbook

Crumb Sketchbook

Cheap Suit Serenaders C.D.s...

Singing in the Bathtub Order Today

Chasin' Rainbows Order Today

Not a Serenaders CD, but classic Crumb art cover:

Cheap Thrills, Big Brother and the Holding Company (Janis Joplin)Order Today